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5 Questions About Hearing Loss We Hear Every Day

By gahear on May 4, 2021 in Blogs

During hearing aid consultations or hearing aid repair appointments, many people have the same questions. Our team is well-trained and prepared to answer any questions you may have, but before your appointment, you can also continue reading to learn more about hearing aids and hearing loss.

Do My Hearing Aids Have Any New Features?

If your hearing aids are between three and five years old, you may benefit from new advancements in hearing aid technology that is now available. New hearing aids offer features like wireless connectivity to stream sound directly from a TV or smartphone, faster processing speeds, and improved hearing in noisy environments. Directional microphones and adaptive noise management systems can make it easier to distinguish what people are saying even with significant background noise. Each manufacturer and model of hearing aids will offer different technological advancements, and our team at Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet can help choose the best options for you.

How Long Should My Hearing Aids Last?

Hearing aids should last a significant length of time, especially with proper care and maintenance. On average, hearing aids are replaced about every three to five years. However, many of our customers can use their hearing aids far longer than that with routine maintenance and updating circuitry as necessary. Of course, if your hearing loss worsens over time, it is possible that you will require a new type of hearing aid to meet your changing needs.

How Often Do Hearing Aids Need Repairs?

Typically, hearing aids require repairs about once a year. Most hearing aids are sold with warranties should you need to send hearing aids back to the manufacturer for repair, and repairs at Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet are always free. Keeping your hearing aids clean will allow you to avoid repairs for as long as possible by preventing damage from moisture, earwax, humidity, or other debris.

What Should I Do If My Hearing Aids Stop Working?

If your hearing aids stop working, first check the battery or charge. If your hearing aids still have power, you can next check the microphones and receiver tubes that enters your ear canal for blockage. Any debris can be removed using a cleaning brush to allow sound to easily reach your ear canal. If there is no debris present or your hearing aids still do not work, visit Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet or schedule an appointment for a free repair. Most issues with hearing aids can be quickly solved by our staff, but in some cases, you may need new parts or more complicated repairs completed by sending the hearing aids out to the manufacturer. Our team will explain how to repair your hearing aids and what you can expect.

I Purchased New Hearing Aids. What Should I Do with My Old Pair?

Many hearing aids can be donated if you are no longer using them. For example, Starkey accepts donations of any make or model through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Once donated, your old hearing aids are repaired and reconditioned before gifting them to someone in need. The Starkey Hearing Foundation alone has donated over one million hearing aids worldwide. If you are interested in donating your old hearing aids, ask our staff for more information while purchasing your new model.

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If you still have questions about hearing aids and hearing loss, our staff is happy to help. During a consultation, you can discuss your hearing needs, complete a free hearing test, and get fitted for the hearing aids that will suit you best. Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet has three convenient locations in Cobb County, Athens, and Dawsonville, Georgia. Call or contact us online to schedule your appointment.

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