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A Few Reasons Why People Never Get Hearing Aids (And Why They Should)

By gahear on December 27, 2022 in Hearing Loss

Many people have trouble hearing at some point in their life. To take care of this problem, experts recommend using hearing aids. These devices are very effective as they amplify sound, enabling the person to communicate better. Despite their usefulness, however, many people who need them do not wear them. Here are a few reasons why this may be the case:

They’re Uncomfortable

Wearing a hearing aid for the first time is uncomfortable. Some people may complain that the devices fit poorly or make it hard to wear glasses. The sudden ability to hear clearly again might also feel overwhelming. Although a hearing aid might feel uncomfortable at first, it is important to give your body time to adjust to the feeling of the device and the new ability to hear clearly. There are many options for hearing aids with different fits and styles and our hearing specialists will be happy to work with you until you find a device that is comfortable.

Unrealistic Expectations

Some people hope that their hearing aids will restore their hearing and although this is true while the person is wearing their hearing aid, the device cannot “reverse” hearing loss. The loss of hearing results from irreparable damage to cells in the ear so it is difficult to regain the ability to hear without the help of a hearing aid. Since your hearing is important, make sure to follow these preventative steps to maintain your hearing and consider scheduling a hearing test if you notice any hearing changes.

Fear of Stigma

Some people falsely associate loss of hearing with old age and disability. Some people with hearing problems, therefore, live in denial, insisting that they can hear just fine. They do this because they fear the stigma of admitting they have a hearing problem. Many also fear it will affect their social lives, and their friends and family may treat them differently. Some may fear the loss of job opportunities due to their condition. They, therefore, prefer to live with the condition rather than seek help. It’s important to remember that people of all ages can suffer from hearing loss and there is no shame in getting the help you need to better the quality of your life.

Difficult to Maintain

Hearing aids are small and delicate. Thus, they require special maintenance to ensure long service life. Users must regularly clean them because they often accumulate grime, dirt, ear wax, and sweat. They also need a constant supply of fresh batteries to function correctly and if they do not function properly, it can be frustrating. Our hearing specialists are here to help you find the right hearing aid and we also offer repairs if those frustrating malfunctions do occur.

Benefits of Hearing Aids

Despite people’s many justifications for not wearing hearing aids, there are a few reasons they should:

  1. They help to keep the hearing nerves of the brain stimulated. If the nerves are not stimulated, the hearing ability keeps deteriorating.
  2. They help to reduce stress and anxiety associated with hearing loss. They also protect people from falling due to balance disorders.
  3. Wearing hearing aids helps users converse easier with others and become more social. This prevents feelings of depression, anxiety, or isolation associated with hearing loss.

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Loss of healing should not be the end of a happy life. You can use hearing aids and continue enjoying your life. If you need hearing aids, you can schedule an appointment at one of Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet’s three locations in Cobb County, Athens, and Dawsonville, Georgia. We will be happy to discuss all your options and determine the best hearing aid for you!

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