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About Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet

Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet has maintained the highest-rated hearing center in Georgia for four years in a row. We have achieved this by ensuring all of our specialists have met the highest standards in both state and national requirements and acquired the highest level of credentialing for providing healthcare to people with hearing deficits. Our hearing care professionals specialize in the testing and fitting process of hearing care. Each professional is qualified and trained to provide patients of all ages with premium hearing care based on individual needs, budgets and primarily focused on successfully fitting prescription hearing aids.

 We are a family business and have provided amazing service to our patients for eight years. We started our business because we experienced the tragic struggles of not receiving proper care for our own family member’s hearing health. We reached the point where we could not afford follow-up care, nor were we financially able to purchase new devices constantly. No matter where we went, we struggled to find a provider who was willing to help us without wanting to charge us for a new set of hearing aids in spite of the fact that we just needed simple repairs. We founded our company and its services based solely on the impossible situations we experienced, along with the experiences of others we knew. From those challenges grew the first of its kind, a true service-based hearing center.

Our Services

– FREE Comprehensive hearing evaluation

– Prescription hearing aids at factory pricing

– FREE Hearing aid maintenance

– Adjustments
– Cleaning
– Basic repair
– Updates to software
– Custom molds

Counseling and training for patients and facility staff

Free Cleaning and maintenance supplies (for patients and facilities)

Custom Ear protection

Open 7-days a week

Open until 8 pm Monday-Saturday and until 6 pm on Sundays

What does this really mean?

An example is the best way to describe how revolutionary our business model is. 

Imagine purchasing a car, but all of the oil changes, all of the tires, all of the car washes, and all of the traditional repairs are completely free. Then, to go a step further, even if the car is in a wreck or stolen, the warrantied replacement or repairs are done at cost or at no charge at all.

We do not profit from warrantied replacements and repairs, solely because we believe treating your hearing loss should not be a constant financial burden.

Types of Events

Services are free for the facility and the patient The only thing that would cost money is a Hearing Aid Purchase

Fun & EngagingScreening
– Family night/Health Fair Booth
– Trivia
– Bingo
– Cleaning hearing aids
– Training for the staff available
– Hearing Loss Screenings
– Education
– Screening results provided to residents and/or POA
– Option to schedule a Comprehensive exam
– Training for the staff available
PresentationFull Test & Demo
– Educational presentation
– Counseling with the resident’s current hearing aids
– Cleaning all resident’s hearing aids
– Providing additional cleaning supplies
– Training for the staff available
– Our Hearing Care Professionals come to the facility and complete a full hearing test and video otoscopy. 
– Patients are able to try the hearing aids if they have a hearing loss
– Patients have the option to purchase hearing aids

Local service, in multiple locations.

Any Questions About Our Community Outreach Program?

Contact: Amy Pugh
Community Outreach Director

Phone: 770-790-1577


Dawsonville, GA

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Tucker, GA

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