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Why Do My Ears Itch?

Ears can become itchy in nearly any part of the ear that’s exposed to the external environment. This includes the outside of the ear as well as the ear canal, which has tiny hairs that can cause a feeling of itchiness deep in the ear.

There are a number of causes for itchy ears, including:

  • Dry skin due to a lack of lubricating ear wax
  • Dermatitis, when the skin of the ear or ear canal becomes inflamed
  • Outer ear infection
  • Allergies
  • Use of hearing aids or earbuds
  • Psoriasis or rash of the ear

Itchy Ear Treatments

Typically, itching sensations in the outer ear go away on their own, although conditions like dermatitis or ear infection may not be resolved without help from a doctor. For itchy ears that aren’t getting better, it’s important to avoid scratching them, especially if the ear canal is itchy. Scratching at itchy areas can cause inflammation and spread the cause of whatever’s causing the itching to other parts of the skin.

It’s especially important not to put anything in your ear to try to itch the ear canal, as this can damage the delicate lining of the ear canal or even puncture an eardrum. Treatments include antibiotic ointments, ear drying ear drops, or a topical corticosteroid cream.

Preventing Itchy Ears

When the itchiness of your ears is caused by irritation in or around the outer ear, it’s best to prevent this from happening in the future by avoiding sticking objects such as cotton swabs or bobby pins that can scratch the ear canal. When itching is caused by an allergic reaction to a skincare product or jewelry, avoid using it in the future.

Some ear itches can be caused by excess water being trapped in the ear, so use ear drying drops to ensure no water stays behind after swimming. It can also be due to an over- or underproduction of earwax, which a doctor can help diagnose and prevent accordingly.

Itchy Ears With Hearing Aids or Earbuds

Leaving earbuds in for too long is a common cause of itchy ears, which can be a particular problem for those who need hearing aids to navigate their lives. Unfortunately, the domes or earbuds can rub against the skin of the ear, causing irritation that can lead to itching. They can also trap moisture in the inner ear which can cause the condition as well. It’s important to clean your hearing aids and earbuds regularly to avoid itchiness and bacteria growth.

Ensuring proper hearing aid fit is essential not only for good sound quality, but also for the prevention of issues such as an overly itchy ear.

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