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Does Water Get Stuck in Your Ear?

Water can easily get trapped in the ear canal after swimming, bathing, or even taking a shower. It’s important to get the water out as quickly as possible to prevent bacterial growth, leading to a condition called swimmer’s ear.

Fluid in Ear Symptoms

Most of the time, you’ll feel like there’s water in your ear when you have fluid stuck in the ear canal. However, additional signs that you may have fluid in your ear include:

  • Physical sensation of fluid in your ear
  • Sounds are muffled
  • Ears feel full or clogged

Does Everyone Get Water in Their Ears?

Although it may feel like it happens to you more than others, anyone can have water trapped in their ears. Kids and adults alike who spend a lot of time in the water are the most at risk, which is why the infection that follows water getting trapped in the ear is called “swimmer’s ear.” Putting your head under the water or flipping your body by doing a handstand for example are ways to make it more likely you’ll get water trapped in your ears.

How to Get Water Out of the Ear

There are many methods for getting trapped water out of the ear, and there may be some methods advertised that should not be attempted, as you don’t want to damage your ear canal. Try these methods to get water out of the ear without needing to go to the doctor.

  1. Tilt your ear with water in it toward the ground. You can shake your head to help dislodge trapped water as well as pulling on your earlobe to change the opening of the canal. Also try moving your jaw as if you’re yawning to help shift the fluid.
  2. Lay on a towel with the affected ear facing down for a few minutes to see if the water slowly trickles out.
  3. Use a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting to blow air into the canal from about a foot away.
  4. Mix equal parts vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and place drops in the affected ear. This should not be done if you have a ruptured eardrum or active ear infection.

An important note here is that you should not stick anything into the ear canal to try to get water out. Cotton swabs are known to do more harm than good by removing protectant ear wax or damaging the delicate skin in the canal.

How to Prevent Water in the Ear

If you’re regularly dealing with having water in your ears, try these tips to stop it from happening.

  • Wear a swimmer’s cap or waterproof ear plugs
  • Take out earbuds when you’re sweating
  • Get excess wax removed that could be trapping water in the ear

A doctor can remove excess wax and provide the best tips for clearing out or preventing water from building up in the ear canal.

Hearing Loss Solutions in Georgia

Although water in the ear is a temporary and treatable condition, hearing loss may not be. If you’re experiencing a change in hearing that’s not resolved by getting water out of the ear, you may need a hearing aid that’s customized for you. Learn more about our hearing loss solutions by visiting one of Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet’s convenient locations today or contact us online to let us know how we can help you. We offer quality care and hearing solutions for patients near Clarksboro, Whitehall, Marietta, and more.

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