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Tinnitus presents a wide range of symptoms and causes that can be helped with various treatments, therapies, and assistive devices, but sometimes it’s a constant presence in a person’s life that disrupts their normal routine. It can seem impossible when it first appears, but many people have adapted and adjusted to living with tinnitus through tips to help manage and mitigate their symptoms so you can live your life to the fullest.

Tips For Living With Tinnitus

Diagnosis of hearing loss or experiencing tinnitus doesn’t have to mean your life shuts down or changes drastically. To help minimize your symptoms and avoid fixating on your tinnitus while living a normal life, try these tips.

Try Using Background Noise

One of the first recommendations audiologists will tell patients with tinnitus is to turn on some background noise to help distract your ears and brain from the constant symptoms of tinnitus. This can be the radio, TV, or white noise machine. Some people find pulsating noises, such as a wave machine, are more helpful than constant noise.

Manage Stress and Anxiety

Two major factors that make many disorders worse are increased stress levels and diagnosed anxiety disorders. Finding ways to minimize stressors and actively working to reduce stress such as breathing exercises, meditation, and mindfulness, can help the body and mind work together to live healthfully and ignore tinnitus symptoms.

Getting regular exercise is also a great way to clear your head from anxious thoughts and enhance your overall wellness. Even activity such as walking around outside has been shown to have great benefits for a person’s mental and physical health.

Watch Your Diet

Some people have found that adjusting their lifestyle and/or diet has helped reduce the severity of their tinnitus by avoiding certain compounds or foods. Although not proven causations, substances like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, or high-sugar diets can impact your overall health and experience with tinnitus.

One type of tinnitus, pulsatile tinnitus, is caused not by a malfunction in the neural pathway but rather by the ear hearing the pulsing of blood in the blood vessels in the ears. Lowering your salt intake and lowering blood pressure are two ways to help treat this type of tinnitus.

Find A Support Group

We all need help and support in our lives, no matter if we’re living with symptoms of hearing loss or other disorders. There are many local and national organizations that can connect you with others who experience tinnitus or hearing loss to help you find community and emotional support wherever you are. Sometimes the bonds you form with others and the advice other sufferers of tinnitus can help you live a more healthy, enjoyable day-to-day life.

Try Tinnitus Hearing Aids

One of the main methods of treating tinnitus is therapy is with various hearing aid technologies that include playing a constant tone or background noise, but also can be used to train your brain to ignore the tinnitus entirely. With a high-quality, custom hearing aid, you can work with your audiologist and primary care provider to enhance overall physical health, hearing health, and mental health that can all be affected by tinnitus.

Hearing Aids for Tinnitus in Georgia

No matter your symptoms, it’s important to believe that living a normal life with tinnitus is not only possible, but expected. With a modern hearing aid you can drown out, cover up, and learn to live with tinnitus. Try out different styles and technologies of hearing aids by coming in to the nearest Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet location today, or contact us online to set up a personalized consultation with a hearing aid specialist.

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