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It’s a remarkable fact that nearly 15% of Americans live with some degree of hearing loss. What’s unfortunate is that very few of these people actually go through the process to find a solution to their hearing loss. This creates a major risk factor for serious conditions such as depression, dementia, and balance problems. The good news is, many of the negative side effects of hearing loss can be avoided by finding the right hearing aid for your unique type and degree of hearing loss.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Often, hearing loss develops gradually – so gradually, in fact, that people rarely notice it until the symptoms have gotten relatively severe. However, there are a few hearing loss symptoms that can help you identify whether you need to get your hearing tested and find a hearing aid that works for you. Signs of hearing loss, whether age related or noise-induced hearing loss, include:

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Trouble hearing in crowds or noisy environments
  • Muffled hearing (loss of high-frequency hearing)
  • Lack of understanding others
  • Asking others to repeat themselves frequently

Knowing what to watch out for can greatly increase the chance you identify when you need a hearing aid early, before mental, physical, and social side effects begin to take hold.

Social Signs of Hearing Loss

As mentioned, there are many degrees of hearing loss, as well as many different types and causes. Another way to know you have hearing loss that you may not perceive yourself is to analyze the social ramifications of your adaptive behaviors.

You see, people with hearing loss can unconsciously shift into a new set of behaviors or habits to compensate for the lack of hearing ability. The most common is simply bluffing when you can’t understand someone. This behavior manifests itself as responding with vague remarks such as “Uh-huh” or “That’s interesting” without responding to specific questions or details. Social bluffing also takes into account the body language of people around them, laughing when everyone is laughing, for example.

Another way people with hearing loss that either don’t know about it or refuse to believe they do get by without hearing aids is by reading lips and hand gestures to gather more information from what they can’t hear. If you notice that someone doesn’t respond when they’re not looking at you, this is a clear sign of hearing loss.

Affordable Hearing Aids in Georgia

Hearing loss is an unfortunate reality for so many people, but in many cases it can be simply fixed with high quality hearing aids. Picking a hearing aid and maintaining it can be a confusing and delicate task, which is why we’re happy to provide high-quality hearing aids and top-tier hearing aid repair and other services to people in Georgia who benefit from having a custom hearing solution. Learn more about our services and offerings by contacting us online to schedule your hearing aid consultation today. Our three locations are conveniently located to serve patients in cities such as Athens, Bethlehem, Oakwood, and more.

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