We Can Fix Your Broken or Malfunctioning Hearing Aids!
Our Hearing Aid Repair Center at GA Hearing Aid Factory Outlet is Here to Help.

We can fix any issues including:

  • Cracked shell
  • Bad receivers
  • Tubing repairs
  • Battery contact issues
  • And more!

GA Hearing Aid Factory Outlet is committed to our Georgia community. Our hearing aid repair center offers free hearing aid repairs whenever it is possible. If we have to send your device to the manufacturer, you will only pay the shipping and repair cost. Our specialists’ time is always free to you, and we will give your hearing device back to you at any point, no questions asked. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. We have several locations that are conveniently located, so you can find the store that is nearest to you. Our staff is highly-trained and ready to assist you seven days a week!

Why do we do this?

Hearing aids are expensive, and we believe that all practices should do everything they can to make them last as long as possible for their patients. You don’t have hearing aids to look cool, you purchased them because you need them! Unfortunately, the majority of hearing aid providers try to sell you new brand new devices when there is a simple fix that costs almost nothing. In almost all cases, repairs should be quick and simple! We hate that so much unnecessary upselling and price gouging is happening, and that it is nearly a standard in our industry.

In order to combat this nasty business practice, we are committed to going above and beyond! We have decided to offer all of our repairs for free to anyone with hearing aids. If we have to order any parts or send them to a lab to be repaired, you will pay what the lab charges us, nothing more, ever! If we are able to repair your hearing aids in-house, you will only pay for necessary parts. Our technicians are here to assist you, free of charge, no matter what! You deserve to hear perfectly with your hearing aids, whether you bought your devices from somewhere else or us.

If you are looking for a hearing aid repair center, or you would like to browse our available brands and devices, get in touch with our friendly team today! You can view some of our available hearing aids online, and our Georgia locations are open seven days a week, so you can drop by at any time to ask questions and receive hands-on experience with our available devices. We look forward to working with you, so you can experience incredible hearing at the best prices available!