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What are Signia Hearing Aids?

Signia is a hearing aid manufacturer that provides FDA-approved hearing aids. Utilizing technology pioneered in Siemens hearing aid technology, Signia develops devices around a wide range of hearing aid users and their different lifestyles and has the connectivity that’s needed in hearing devices in the 21st century. Signia hearing aids are best paired with a hearing aid specialist who can test, fit, and verify your hearing aid sound to ensure the best hearing aid experience. Here is more information on the Signia hearing aids we carry at Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet.

What’s Unique About Signia Hearing Aids

Signia is a brand that sits high atop the industry and is recognized for its attention to design and technological output from its devices. This hasn’t made their devices less accessible, however. Signia’s benefits come from its wide range of device styles, colors, and outputs, as well as the Signia App, which helps simplify the user experience of such an advanced device. When fitted by a hearing specialist like the ones at Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet, these hearing aids are custom fit, unlike over-the-counter hearing aids.

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia Pure Charge&Go X

A balanced hearing aid that fits discreetly behind the ear to deliver supreme quality and connectivity. Using Pure, you can enjoy the pleasures of phone calls, music, and television audio right from your device. The Signia Xperience app allows for full control of hearing clarity in any situation using advanced AI. This hearing aid also features rechargeable technology that packs 20% extra battery capacity into such a unique and small design. This hearing aid is the best hearing aid option for users looking for the best all-around hearing aid.

Signia Styletto X

Signia’s highly sophisticated hearwear™. The Styletto X is renowned for its award-winning design and hearing capabilities. It also is best paired with its Styletto Connect wireless charging case accessory, which allows up to 3 days of user autonomy without needing to be tied to an outlet. It’s the world’s first SLIM-RIC and blends all the recognizable features of Signia hearing aids, like Signia Experience, Bluetooth connectivity, and Augmented Xperience for adaptable hearing situations.

Signia Silk X

With a secure positioning inside the ear canal, the Silk X is a popular hearing aid for its discreet CIC (completely-in-canal) fit. Silk X carries Signia Xperience, a hearing aid assistant that will set up your SilkX for Bluetooth® streaming, Automatic Situation Detection, and Enhanced Speech Understanding, to name a few benefits. Because of the positioning inside the ear canal, SilkX has a familiar comfort to them that makes wearing them feel like natural hearing, and you’re also able to interact with your music and phone calls like you would with an earbud. This hearing aid is one of the best hearing aids for keeping your hearing loss nearly invisible.

Candidates For Signia Hearing Aids

Hearing loss impacts millions of Americans and can go unnoticed by many for years. Signia hearing aids are the best fit for an individual who has moderate to severe hearing loss. At Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet, we can run verified hearing tests to determine your hearing loss and guide you through what the best hearing aid is for your specific degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and personal preferences. If you have any questions about financing as a part of attaining these hearing aids, please contact our office and review our hearing aid financing options.

Signia Hearing Aid Features

Signia devices have many great features that help ensure you experience sound throughout every part of your day. All Signia devices share a few unique features that you can access. Advanced models might be available with more hearing aid personalization, but if you have questions about those devices, please contact one of our hearing specialists to learn more. Some features of Signia hearing aids are:

  • Signia Assistant – download the app that uses AI to provide immediate support to your hearing needs.
  • Phone Calls
  • Music and TV Audio via Bluetooth®
  • Personalized Presets
  • Augmented Xperience – delivering augmented hearing for outstanding clarity in speech
  • Signia Nx – built to preserve your natural own voice via Own Voice Processing (OVP ™)
  • “Hearing Care Anywhere,” a telehealth solution for those who have issues with their hearing aids
  • Android and iPhone connectivity
  • Automatic Situation Detection

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