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Free Repairs Available

Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet is committed to ensuring that you have the best quality hearing aids, which is why we offer free repairs through our Hearing Aid Repair Center. Unlike other hearing aid providers, we understand that your hearing aids are an investment in your quality of life and should last for years. Rather than upselling you a new device, we offer hearing aid repairs both in-house and through trustworthy labs.

In-House Hearing Aid Repairs

Available for all visitors at Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet.

Many hearing aid repairs can be completed in-house through our Hearing Aid Repair Center. Some repairs we can complete are:

  • Cracked shells
  • Bad receivers 
  • Tubing repairs
  • Battery contact issues 
  • Much more

These repairs are always free and can be completed quickly. The only cost you will incur is the cost of special replacement parts if we have to order them. If you require a repair, simply call to schedule an appointment.

Our expert team is ready to assist you seven days a week!

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Other Hearing Aid Repair Options

For repairs that can’t be resolved in-house.

Some hearing aid repairs must be completed by sending the hearing aid to a lab or the manufacturer. If this is the case, you will only pay for the shipping and repair cost. Some of these repairs include:

  • Bad microphones
  • Cracked house (on certain manufacturers) 
  • Dead hearing aid

In addition to these options, we partner with other hearing aid specialists throughout Georgia, so you can receive free, convenient, and trustworthy hearing aid repairs and services regardless of where you purchased your hearing aids.

Our time is FREE! We will never charge you for our technicians time, because we believe in providing you the best service possible, no matter what.

Local service, in multiple locations.

We have three convenient locations in North Georgia, and you can visit us seven days a week! Drop by any time, or schedule an appointment now.

We want to give Georgia residents high-quality hearing aid repairs at affordable prices, because you need these devices every day.


With each of our hearing aid repairs, our team uses REDUX hearing instrument care. Our locations each have a REDUX, which is used to quickly dry hearing aids using both vacuum drying and humidity level measurement. This process takes just 15 minutes, and nearly 80% of all hearing aid problems can be resolved using REDUX. For this reason, drying your hearing aids using REDUX will always be part of your free repair process at Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet.

When do Hearing Aids Need to Be Replaced?

We only upsell when it’s time to upgrade.

Most hearing aid providers will try to sell brand new hearing aids, even when a repair is simple. This upselling is completely unnecessary, and we believe that your hearing aids are an investment that should last for years. 

Unfortunately, there are some circumstances when your hearing aids will need to be replaced. These are usually due to issues when your hearing has worsened over time and you now require more powerful hearing aids to meet your needs. 

Hearing aids are rarely broken beyond repair, but this can occur. If you require new hearing aids, our team members will help you choose the best option that meets your needs and your budget.

  • Hear what our customers have to say.

    Lori Dominey

    What a great team. The ladies were polite, cheerful and willing to help with any issues. Thanks for the great customer service. More

    March 16, 2021


Hear what our customers have to say.

Lori Dominey

What a great team. The ladies were polite, cheerful and willing to help with any issues. Thanks for the great customer service. More

March 16, 2021


How to Prevent the Need for Hearing Aid Repair

Consistent care can result in a long-lasting product.

Many repairs are preventable by taking proper care of your hearing aids day-to-day. Making sure your hearing aids are clean from any earwax, dust, or other types of debris will help them function properly. Each day, clean your hearing aids with a dry tissue or cloth. It’s also important to make sure your hearing aids are kept dry. During more humid seasons, moisture can quickly build up in the hearing aids. This can also occur throughout the day if you sweat. At night, opening the battery compartment and taking batteries out can help the hearing aids dry out. Hearing aid sleeves, sweatbands, and dehumidifiers are also available to keep them dry. Finally, be sure that you always remove your hearing aids when showering or swimming, and be careful when applying products like hairspray. Following these simple steps will help you minimize normal wear and tear on your hearing aids, allowing you to avoid repairs as much as possible.

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To see which hearing aid options are best for you, schedule your appointment at Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet by calling (706) 525-9907 or contacting us online.

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