Hearing loss is easy to identify, but tough to come to terms with.

We all know that friend or family member that says “what”, “huh”, or “stop mumbling!” all the time; some of us are that person! It is important to understand that hearing loss does not mean things sound like someone has turned the volume down on life. We can not stress this enough. Hearing loss is most commonly the loss of clarity. Speech begins to run together and simply put, get blurry. If you look at hearing loss like vision loss you can better understand it. When your eyesight goes bad you don’t see less color the images seem to just run together and objects get blurry and hard to distinguish from one another. Well sound is very similar. With sound, it all begins to blend until all of the sounds in a room blend into one giant mess and you can’t distinguish anything. It all becomes a big blur.

At-Home Hearing Test:

Sensorineural Loss

If someone were to cover the view of their mouth and say to someone with a hearing loss: HAT, MAT CAT, FAT, PAT at a normal volume, someone with a high frequency hearing loss may hear just as loud as someone with perfect hearing. The difference is not volume; the difference is WHAT they hear. The person with a hearing loss would likely miss several, and in severe cases all of these words. When you ask the listener to repeat after the speaker, the listener will commonly hear HAT, HAT, PAT, PAT or any combination of these words. This is a great at-home hearing test to do with your loved ones. Give it a shot.