If you find yourself asking people around you to repeat themselves, turning the volume up higher and higher on the TV, or feeling like your ears are plugged, it’s probably time for a hearing test. These are all signs that hearing loss is not only present but more severe than the average case. At Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet, our hearing aid specialists meet rigorous standards and receive advanced training to test your hearing and match you to the best hearing aid option for you. All of our testing and hearing aid services are free with no obligation to purchase.  

Online Hearing Test

Curious about your hearing? Take our free online hearing test to screen for hearing loss from home. This simple test can be completed with just a pair of headphones.

Free At-Home Hearing Test

This At-Home service was designed for patients who can not get out of the house due to medical conditions or other circumstances, because everyone should have the opportunity to hear well regardless of their situation and needs. Call us today to ask about our free at-home hearing test

Hearing Testing at Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet

FREE Hearing Test in Athens, Cobb County, and Dawsonville

When you book your free hearing test at GA Hearing Aid Factory Outlet, you can rest assured that our trained and certified specialists will treat you with the utmost care and respect. After your free test, we can help you choose the most effective and affordable hearing aid option for you, and you can even try them at the appointment. We know how hearing loss can affect your life, so our goal is to make sure that you are comfortable and that you get the attention and care that you deserve. If you think you may be experiencing some hearing loss, book your free hearing test with us today.

What to Expect at Your Hearing Test

When you book your free hearing test, you can expect to have a conversation about your medical history with your hearing aid specialist. They will conduct a physical examination of your ear canal before testing your hearing using simple in-office methods such as Pure-Tone Audiometry, Speech Recognition, or Tuning Fork Tests. The physical examination checks for problems that may be blocking sounds such as earwax or polyps.

Types of Tests

There are many different ways in which our specialists can test your hearing. They include:

  • Pure-Tone Audiometry
  • Speech Recognition
  • Bone Conduction Test
  • Tympanometry
  • Tuning Fork Test

Before your hearing test, your specialist will explain each testing method and what you can expect. Our goal is to make sure that you are comfortable and that the transition to hearing aids is as convenient and affordable as possible. Contact GA Hearing Aid Factory Outlet to book your free hearing test in Atlanta, GA today.

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To see which hearing aid options are best for you, schedule your appointment at Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet by calling (706) 525-9907 or contacting us online.

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