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Hearing Loss and Anxiety: Is There A Connection?

By gahear on December 27, 2022 in Ear Health

Hearing loss and anxiety are often linked, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from one solely because you have the other. There are many causes of hearing loss, and some of those causes don’t increase someone’s chance of developing anxiety disorders.

How Common is Anxiety & Hearing Loss

Anxiety disorders refer to those which cause a person to feel fearful, panicky or in constant states of worry. These could be mild and brief such as mild depression or worrying about things. These symptoms begin to interfere with daily life; they are considered disorders.

When we talk about hearing loss and anxiety, it is common for people to assume that if you have one, you will have the other. However, that is not always the case. There is a link between hearing loss and anxiety disorders, but it’s so tiny that it’s unlikely that hearing loss could be the reason for you developing an anxiety disorder.

Hearing loss and anxiety are connected because of the risks associated with both. For example, if you have hearing loss and live alone, you could suffer from panic attacks due to not being able to hear people around you. This can lead to confusion, in turn causing you to feel concerned.

Dealing With Anxiety When You Have Hearing Loss

Everyone is different, and the causes of anxiety are other in each person. The best way to deal with these fears is to seek help, such as cognitive behavioral therapy or medication. Although there are many causes of hearing loss, it is still possible for people of all ages to develop anxiety.

If you have never experienced hearing loss, it might not occur to you that your anxiety levels could be related to it. On the other hand, if you are currently experiencing hearing loss, it is of little importance whether it was a result of an accident or because of otosclerosis. If you are feeling anxious, even though this might be normal for your age group and situation, you should seek help from your GP or mental health center. Everyone needs to know their options in the event of hearing loss and anxiety.

When to Seek Help for Hearing Loss and Anxiety

Although hearing loss is a common problem for many reasons, it is essential to seek help when you notice changes in your thinking or behavior. There is no age restriction, though such symptoms can differ depending on age. If you feel that your hearing loss is linked to your anxiety, getting the support you need is essential.

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