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What Are Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids?

OTC hearing aids are a term for any hearing aid you can get without going to an audiologist or other hearing aid provider. They are manufactured by many different companies, including longstanding brands like Bose, and many offer self-tests and do-it-yourself fitting kits to mimic the traditional procedure of having a professional hearing test and fitting.

What Are The Benefits of OTC Hearing Aids?

The two main benefits of OTC hearing aids are affordability and ease of access. With “real” hearing aids, there’s a three-step process and perhaps custom manufacturing involved, which can take time and intimidate people. OTC hearing aids are simple and typically more affordable than traditional hearing aids, but typically lack the advanced technology of more expensive ones.

Difference Between OTCs & Hearing Aids

The immediate benefits aside, OTC hearing aids are not at all like professional ones. Some of the biggest differences include:

  • No official hearing examination performed
  • Do not require in-person fitting
  • Cannot help with more significant hearing loss

In addition, medically approved devices have far superior sound quality and features, including everything from artificial intelligence to fall detection and alerts.

Trust Our Hearing Aid Professionals

Hearing aid professionals evaluate a variety of things during a hearing test, including looking in the ear, performing multiple tests to determine the type of hearing loss and the best course of treatment, which may or may not include custom hearing aids. Professionals have accreditation they maintain to ensure they’re always well-qualified and trained to protect patients’ best interest.

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