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Why You Should Avoid Hearing Aids From Big Box Stores

By gahear on September 22, 2021 in Blogs

Hearing aid manufacturers have established standards by which products must be tested and certified before they can be sold to consumers. These certifications ensure that all hearing aids sold are fit for their intended purpose and meet a consumer’s unique needs.

A hearing aid is an investment rather than a purchase, so it makes sense to shop around instead of going to big-box stores. However, pursuing a lower cost can mean you may not find the best hearing aids for you. Here’s what to know about shopping for hearing aids and what to look for.

Shopping for Deals Has Its Dark Side

People who shop around for hearing aids to find the best deal are making a mistake. After they realize the differences in price between hearing aids at a store, they look for the cheapest one with the most features. While this strategy might work for most electronic devices, it doesn’t work for hearing aids.

Since everyone hears slightly differently, hearing aids have to be attuned to work for each person. Always be picky about your hearing care provider. In buying a hearing aid, the price should not be the most important factor. Additionally, if your hearing aids are not precisely matched to your needs, they can put a lot of strain on your hearing. This can complicate your hearing care and require more intervention from your hearing doctor.

Choose a Custom-Made Hearing Aid

Hearing aids can be difficult to use the first time you try them on. Just as with any other sophisticated technology, they need to be fine-tuned. You’ll need to test your new hearing aid out in different environments and visit your audiologist a few times to get them working just right. Hearing aids are never a one-size-fits-all technology, and you won’t find hearing aids customized to your needs at any big box store.

The Problem With Generic Hearing Aids

There are few choices for hearing aid styles at big box stores. Since they have standardized the basic features that make a hearing aid work, these stores can offer a wide range of price points.

Selling generic hearing aids allow them to be more efficient with inventory management and pricing. It also allows them to run their business without having to worry about the level of hearing precision the consumer needs. Vendors that specifically deal in hearing aids can help you select from a wide variety of types, technologies, and features so you have a greater chance of finding exactly what you need.

After-Sales Service Makes a Huge Difference

Big box stores don’t worry about after-sales customer service. Usually, the most an unhappy customer can do is ask for a refund. They also can’t take their hearing devices to an audiologist to get them readjusted to work better.

After-sales service matters because hearing aids can be complicated, requiring a lot of technical skills to maintain in good condition over time. Recognizing this need, reputable independent hearing aid providers offer after-sales customer service to take care of any problems with a hearing aid. This means you’ll be much better supported going forward with your hearing health rather than needing to buy new hearing aids whenever a problem arises.

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