April 2021 Newsletter - GA Hearing Aid Factory Outlet

April 2021 Newsletter

By gahear on April 28, 2021 in Newsletter

Have You Heard?

The Newsletter – April 23rd, 2021

Welcome to Edition two of the HAFO Company Newsletter. Please enjoy tips from our team, some new exciting news, and a few updates from the hearing industry.

Failure does not exist, only discovery

– Steve Sims

Teaching The Team!

Amy has been a Patient Care Coordinator with HAFO since 2019. She just hit her 2-year mark with us this April! She is absolutely amazing so we decided to take this opportunity to get to know her a little better.

Amy, What secrets do you have for any of our team members who are looking to become Excellent Patient Care Coordinators?

I would suggest really listening to the patient. I always remember that the ‘patient care’ in my job title is the most important part of the position.

What is one thing you’ve learned the hard way when it comes to hearing aids?

“You CANNOT use the same wax guards for different manufacturers!

What do you love most about the hearing industry? 

Hearing is one of the least emphasized aspects of healthcare, however, when it is treated properly it makes one of the largest impacts on our quality of life.”

OTC Hearing Aid

Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are good for entry-level hearing aid users who are looking for something affordable to treat their mild to moderate, high frequency hearing loss. Some of the downsides are that OTC wearers cannot be seen in real time for adjustments, the OTC devices do not compensate a hearing loss beyond moderate, nor do they work for people with different types of hearing loss such as a low frequency hearing loss.

CROS Technology

With CROS technology, a patient would wear two devices. One is an actual hearing aid and the other serves as a transmitter. The CROS system is designed for people who have no hearing in one ear and close to perfect hearing in the other ear. Essentially the sound detected by the hearing aid on the “bad ear” is transmitted directly to the aid on the “good ear” side. This gets rid of the “head shadow” effect. 

BICROS Technology

Similar to CROS Technology, BICROS has two devices: a transmitter and a hearing aid. The BICROS however, is designed for people who have total hearing loss in one ear and a moderate loss in the other ear. The Hearing Aid in the BICROS set will typically be a more advance level of technology than in the CROS because it is being used to aid hearing on both sides.

Expanding the Family!

Let’s take a moment to give the BIGGEST CONGRATULATIONS to one of our amazing specialists, Courtney!!

Courtney & her husband have decided to expand the family by one more! The family is raving with excitement and can’t wait to add a new member to the bunch in September of 2021. 


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