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Contrary to common belief, tinnitus isn’t just limited to the ringing in your ears you may hear from time to time, or permanently in some cases. Tinnitus is actually a broad collection of symptoms that indicates an issue with hearing that is not always permanent or untreatable. Many modern hearing aid devices, for example, can train the ear and brain how to ignore or stop hearing the tones of tinnitus, whatever type they may take. Here, we’ll learn more about the various types of tinnitus and how to treat them.

The Two Types of Tinnitus

In the broadest sense, tinnitus symptoms can be broken into two main categories: subjective and objective.

Subjective Tinnitus

Subjective tinnitus is overwhelmingly the more common type of tinnitus, characterized by a whooshing, ringing, roaring, or buzzing sound in one or both ears. It’s commonly experienced by people of all ages, sometimes spontaneously, sometimes in response to exposure to sustained or one-time loud noises.

Many cases of subjective tinnitus fade away over the course of a few minutes or hours, although if it becomes chronic, it could be a sign of hearing damage or hearing loss. As a symptom of other underlying health concerns, it’s important to see your doctor if you experience any change in your hearing, including chronic tinnitus.

Objective Tinnitus

Although only about 1% of people who experience tinnitus will be diagnosed with objective tinnitus, it is a real disorder that typically indicates issues with the blood vessels or muscles near the inner ear. Objective tinnitus is a constant noise that a person hears that can be detected by someone else, such as a doctor with a stethoscope. The most common types of objective tinnitus are pulsing sounds associated with blood rushing through blood vessels near the inner ear. Other causes could be due to nerve abnormalities between the brain and inner ear or a condition affecting the eustachian tubes.

Treating Tinnitus

Treating tinnitus is a key concern for people who are experiencing chronic symptoms. Depending on the type of tinnitus you’re diagnosed with, there are different treatment options available to help fit your lifestyle and budget.

For objective tinnitus patients, the goal will be to treat the underlying condition that’s causing the ear to perceive sound within your own head. This is often accomplished with comprehensive tests, medical history, and physical examination. Some types of objective tinnitus resolve on their own as tissues within the ear and head heal, whereas others may be caused by infections that require antibiotics.

Subjective tinnitus requires a different strategy typically. For tinnitus caused by hearing loss or damage to the ear, often a modern hearing aid can assist in helping people get used to or tone out the specific type of tinnitus they’re suffering from. Temporary tinnitus may be treatable by simply protecting your ears from loud noises when you know you will be exposed to them.

Treat Tinnitus With A Hearing Aid

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