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Permanent Hearing Loss vs. Seasonal Allergies: Key Differences You Need to Know

By gahear on April 30, 2024 in Ear Health , Hearing Loss

Is it Permanent Hearing Loss or Just Allergies? If you suddenly and unexpectedly notice hearing loss, it can be unsettling; hearing loss is a serious issue. However, it could also be a simple allergic reaction to the changing seasons. The Georgia Hearing Aid Factory Outlet is here to enlighten you about the difference between permanent […]

How Often Should I Get My Hearing Tested?

By gahear on April 2, 2024 in Hearing Loss

In most cases, your age, health, and lifestyle determine how often you should get a hearing test. A hearing test looks at whether you can access the numerous sound frequencies audible to the human ear. If you have hearing issues, these exams will measure the severity of the damage to help find the best solutions. […]

The Connection Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

By gahear on January 30, 2024 in Hearing Loss

Do you find yourself regularly asking others to repeat themselves? Do people seem to mumble around you? Is it difficult to follow conversations when two or more people are speaking? Does background noise make the situation worse? According to the National Institute on Aging, these are some of the most common signs of hearing loss, […]

What is Conductive Hearing Loss?

By gahear on January 2, 2024 in Hearing Loss

Throughout the world, millions of people live with hearing loss. One of the most common types is conductive hearing loss. It typically happens due to issues in the eardrum, ear canal, and middle ear. This issue makes it hard for sound waves to make their way to the inner ear. When you have this type […]

Hearing Better for the Holidays

By gahear on November 28, 2023 in Hearing Loss

The holidays can be an exciting time for catching up with loved ones, enjoying your favorite treats, and spending time with your favorite cold-weather activities. But, if you’ve been experiencing hearing loss, the holidays may not be as enjoyable as they used to be. As we approach this special time of year, it’s normal to […]

The Link Between Hearing Loss and Mental Health

By gahear on November 7, 2023 in Hearing Loss

It’s a common misconception that hearing loss is a natural part of aging, and it’s something that we simply must live with. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Untreated hearing loss can lead to social isolation and put too much stress on the brain, increasing the risk of mental health problems, cognitive decline, and […]

A Few Reasons Why People Never Get Hearing Aids (And Why They Should)

By gahear on December 27, 2022 in Hearing Loss

Many people have trouble hearing at some point in their life. To take care of this problem, experts recommend using hearing aids. These devices are very effective as they amplify sound, enabling the person to communicate better. Despite their usefulness, however, many people who need them do not wear them. Here are a few reasons […]

How Can I Help a Loved One With Hearing Loss?

By gahear on August 9, 2022 in Hearing Loss

It can be challenging to watch someone struggle with hearing loss, especially when you notice it affects them emotionally. Here are some tips on how you can help someone with hearing loss and how we can help provide high-quality hearing aids. Face Them While Talking Talk to the individual face-to-face which will make it very […]

Hearing Loss Testing – What To Expect When You Visit

By gahear on April 19, 2022 in Hearing Loss

If you’re visiting an audiologist for a hearing test for the first time, you may have many questions. There are many different tests that an audiologist may use to determine your hearing levels, but all of them are simple and painless. Here’s what to know about hearing loss testing and what you can expect. Your […]

When and Why Should I Have My Hearing Tested?

By gahear on March 16, 2022 in Hearing Loss

Many are unaware of their hearing health status, especially when there are no apparent symptoms. It is also quite uncommon to find adults having their hearing checked. However, hearing may begin to deteriorate as early as the teenage years, which is why consistent tests are important. Benefits of Regular Checkups and Testing Tracking changes in […]

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