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What Does Your Lifestyle Say About Your Hearing Health?

By gahear on July 20, 2021 in Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect anyone regardless of age or lifestyle. It can naturally occur as part of aging, genetics, or simply from continuous exposure to loud noises. Although it can be frustrating when struggling with hearing loss, there are steps you can take to address the issue. Getting fitted with hearing aids is one of the best options.

You should also know what your lifestyle says about your hearing health. Your lifestyle can play a large part in how well you hear.

Very Quiet Lifestyle

If you live a very quiet lifestyle and have hearing loss, you may need basic hearing aids. In most cases, you spend the majority of your time at home and don’t watch too much TV or listen to loud music. You may also go out and participate in small, quiet events that are rather low-key.

Quiet Lifestyle

With a quiet lifestyle, you probably have limited background noise. As a result, you only need hearing aids for listening in quiet atmospheres. You probably go out for short trips such as shopping and have a few visitors who regularly stop at your home to see you. You may also enjoy some TV and music with a quiet lifestyle.

Casual Lifestyle

When you lead a casual lifestyle and have hearing loss, you need hearing aids that allow you to hear in atmospheres that have occasional background noises. You probably go out to restaurants with family and friends and enjoy family get-togethers where you might otherwise have to strain to hear conversations over the background sounds. You probably regularly watch TV and listen to music.

Active Lifestyle

If you live an active lifestyle, you need hearing aids that allow you to hear in all types of environments with varying levels of background noise. You probably have a demanding career and have to sit in meetings regularly and participate in various events. You may also be a big fan of entertainment and go to concerts and sporting events on a regular basis, which requires you to be able to hear for maximum enjoyment. You probably also eat out in noisy restaurants and engage in lots of indoor and outdoor activities with family and friends.

Understanding the relationship between your lifestyle and your listening environment is important. It allows you to know what kind of hearing aids you need and how you can best benefit. Your hearing care professional will ensure that you get the best hearing aid to suit your lifestyle.

You will find that if you live a very quiet lifestyle, you can fare just fine with more of a basic type of hearing aid. Meanwhile, if your lifestyle is very active, you can get a hearing aid that is more state of the art with special technology that allows you to hear in all types of noise environments and even reduce background sounds when you need to hear speech more clearly.

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